. +1 to Spyritus, that is what we have used to make our Limoncello at home. Methanol (wood alcohol)... which isn't in methylated spirits is toxic.Most of it's nasty properties have already been covered. Yes, A spud peeler works but still doesn't make it any easier. Now, for the average joe at home who only has access to his home kitchen gear ... yeah, its pretty difficult. However, However, Dan Murphy’s stock levels are slightly more TOWS is used to identify Dan Murphy’s strategic options. However to sell it we need a prescription. Red Ocean Strategy is used to determine the possibility of opening a new market place and 4.8 out of 5 stars 850. Oops! Live. news-story/1647c23acc476553ade5d77774b8fa7d>. *edit* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Methanol#Health_and_safety. They use their story to attract new customers and to create a familiar and trusted yes, compound pharmacies are the way to go. Generally processes that don't associate well with stuff for human consumption. Great price, don't forget Cashrewards has 6% cashback on on Spirits & Liqueurs @ Dan Murphy's. It might be best if you just import some. I would ignore that molecular sieve side of things, but its still hard work. You can use a "zeolite" stone to dry the alcohol past 96% but it needs to be done in a dehumidified lab. action is to be taken.