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science storytelling examples

Albert Einstein, “Autobiographische Skizze,” in Helle Zeit—Dunkle Zeit, ed. He estimated that the sun had been losing heat for a maximum of 100 million years.9 Further research into the frequencies of light waves emitted by molten meteorites might also have served as a test of the predictive power of Kelvin’s story. And yet Kelvin used a naturalistic explanation of the sun to make his argument. If the predictions work out, then the original explanation may be kept. In other words, if a story that generates precise, testable predictions happens to be blatantly wrong, it should be relatively easy to shoot it down and move on. The goal is to make one big story with a coherent plot from the millions of little stories scientists create. From Stone to Science Fiction | Examples of Visual Storytelling It’s natural to think of cinema and video when you think of visual storytelling. But how is science different from other kinds of attempts to understand the world? To overcome some of these problems, Copernicus had proposed that the sun is at the center of the universe, and everything else revolves around it in circular orbits. If Copernicus were correct, the oceans should slosh back and forth once per day. It is possible to make scientific stories that are more descriptive than explanatory, but the fact is that scientists value explanations more than descriptions. Furthermore, the world is a complicated place, and even if a few observations seem to conflict with an explanation, it may still be mainly correct. Story telling is a uniquely human attribute. Therefore, they have little problem with most science as it is now practiced. If the predictions do not work out, then scientists do one of three things. : Harvard University Press, 1956), 147. Good data storytelling combines solid data science, clear visualizations, and a meaningful narrative. Image from website The Belgian scientist Friedrich Kekulé hit upon the idea that the benzene molecule has a hexagonal (or ringlike) structure after he had a dream in which a snake tried to swallow its own tail, but he went on to test this idea using scientific methods.20 After recounting a “child-like thought experiment” that led to his special theory of relativity, Einstein explained, “Discovery is not a work of logical thought, even if the final product is bound in logical form.”21 In the creative process, anything goes, so long as a naturalistic and logical account can be given later. The Neuroscience of Storytelling. As discussed above, we can never be sure that we have hit upon the one and only possible explanation for our observations, and we can never be sure that more observations will not contradict our stories. Indeed, scientists mostly limit their stories to explaining only those observations that are reproducible, and this sometimes might exclude aspects of reality that are not easily transferable from one person to another. 3. But there’s also a science behind the art of storytelling. The idea that we hope to get across here is that, at least in our opinion, the way scientists generate and improve their stories is quite reasonable, even if it isn’t exact and involves considerable guesswork. Therefore, even if some scientific stories are guesses, they are at least educated guesses (hypotheses). Check out 5 examples of digital storytelling in the classroom: writing, science, math and other assignment types. “Scientists are building explanatory structures, telling stories. When scientists first create a story, they try to explain as many observations as possible. Storytelling Is Intrinsically Mentalistic: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study of Narrative Production across Modalities. … Another point that may trouble some readers about our definition of science is that we haven’t yet excluded the astrologers. Similarly, the warning flags that go up when a scientific story doesn’t mesh well with others can lead to more progress as scientists try to resolve the apparent contradictions. 12. However, the search for an explanation for gravity was continued, and eventually Albert Einstein showed that gravitational attraction could be explained as an effect of the curvature of space-time around massive objects. Apparently it isn’t, since astrologers have been observing and recording the motions of heavenly bodies for millennia, and most people would not classify astrology as science. Expert opinion is not altogether immune to political pressures or considerations such as the source of research funding. Even if nearly all the experts are convinced of a particular scientific story, it may turn out to be wrong in important respects. The assumption implicit in all of these activities is that the crime scene reached its present state via processes that can be mimicked in the laboratory. "Digital storytelling provides an authentic personal learning experience- as such; student investment is greatly increased resulting in greatly improved motivation and end product. This rule could be considered a rather obvious point and not directly related to the art of scientific storytelling. Science. For now there isn't a terrible amount to tell, but stay tuned we hope you'll learn from what you see. Why? You can use storytelling in science education by telling the stories of real scientists, by using tools that integrate storytelling, or by creating your own stories about happy little bacteria, smug viruses and other fantastic beasts of the science universe. Scientists typically go on to explain their observations by creating theories that might be used to predict or control future events. WS: Prof. Uri Hasson, why did you start looking at the brain activation associated with stories? Science can help us control powerful processes like nuclear fission but cannot tell us whether to use them for peaceful or warlike purposes. … This digital story examines this momentous event in 1969. Describes a personal reaction to the environmental impact of plastics in the ocean. Lots of examples are available (though not all of the science is life science) in the form of podcasts. Harvard Business Review recently published an article on what leading Data Scientists actually do. ed. Why would scientists, even those who do not believe it, make the assumption of uniformitarianism if it can never really be verified? ‎ The compelling, groundbreaking guide to creative writing that reveals how the brain responds to storytelling Stories shape who we are. 6. Scientists generally want people to accept their stories and make use of them, but most people would hesitate to do so if they could see that different scientific explanations contradicted one another at every turn. This is an example of digital storytelling. A historical look at the 1945 atomic bombs dropped in World War II and the rise of nuclear power around the world challenges viewers to think about what it means to live in the nuclear age. A hypothesis is a sort of “if . 17. What he had in mind is that scientific prediction is widely regarded as much more reliable than, say, religious prophecy or psychic precognition. However, astrologers also explain their observations by creating theories, and they certainly try to use them to predict things.2 Furthermore, there is a certain breed of physicists, called “string theorists,” who have not yet come up with a single testable prediction, but that does not keep them from being classed with the other scientists in the university physics departments where they work. The Science of Storytelling is a fascinating look at stories, our relationship with them, and how this can be used to tell better stories. Furthermore, we may well discover new “laws of nature” in the future that we have never noticed before or discover that some of the laws familiar to us have exceptions. His research focuses on geochemisty, mineralogy, computational chemistry, and science education. Robert K. Merton, The Sociology of Science: Theoretical and Empirical Investigations (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1973), 274. Even if it is only true most of the time, such an assumption is probably worthwhile. To me, science matters, research matters and knowledge matters, whatever the field. Albert Einstein emphasized the point that scientific explanations are not facts when he remarked that they are “free creations of the human mind, and are not, however it may seem, uniquely determined by the external world.”3 In other words, scientific explanations are creative products of our minds—stories—not facts that we “discover.” A Nobel Prize–winning biologist, Peter Medawar, explained it even more bluntly. Recent work indicates that storytelling and narrative can help communicate science to nonexperts (2), within the wider context of “framing” as an important feature of public outreach. Americans consume an average of … In this scenario, your mission could be to discover what lies at the bottom of the sea. First, supernatural explanations tend not to generate precise new predictions. Really enjoyed this and learned a lot thank you! 13. Scientific explanations are always subject to change, since any new observations we make might contradict previously established explanations. Specific adaptations to modify this activity to teach the process of science 26. Not only does this stop the scientific enterprise in its tracks, but it also isn’t very useful. December 1, 2020 at 9:08 am-Reply; Michelle . In his time, the geocentric (Earth at the center of the universe) astronomy that was in fashion at the time was in trouble—a number of observations were very difficult to explain with this kind of theory. On a daily basis, I am able to communicate my thoughts, feeling, and intentions, using words, to other brains while at the same time being able to comprehend other brains' own spoken words. Explorations in scientific research and design (SRD). Rather, the idea is that the same “laws of nature” have always been in effect. . However, it is still considered a scientific explanation, because it generated predictions that weren’t originally used in the creation of the explanation. However, there is no way of being sure that they have considered all possible explanations, so these initial stories are only considered as educated guesses. This principle illustrates the fact that science really is a community endeavor. Furthermore, just because they can come up with a naturalistic explanation for something, it doesn’t follow that the explanation is true. To me, science matters, research matters and knowledge matters, whatever the field. So where does storytelling come into the picture? It is all too easy to find a handful of experts on any issue who will disagree even with an overwhelming consensus of their colleagues. Similar to the storytelling prompts jar, you can randomly pick up a story stone or multiple story stones to tell a story. The Simple Science To Good Storytelling Listening to a compelling story activates different parts of the brain, and luckily putting together a good tale isn’t always that difficult. Even if he didn’t get everything right, Galileo did exactly what good scientists do—he published his arguments so that others could read and criticize them. For instance, Albert Einstein frequently mused about how “the Old Man” (referring to his impersonal concept of God) would have done things. Communicating results to a non-technical audience often referred to as data storytelling, is an important skill. Clearly that would open up a can of worms, and most scientists wouldn’t want to deal with it. The physics of Newton and Einstein were successive attempts to explain more and more careful observations that conflicted with a “common sense” view of the world.24. Because if they admitted such a possibility, all their normal methods for evaluating evidence would go out the window. Science 27 Nov 2020: Vol. When more people see science for what it is—a powerful yet limited and thoroughly human enterprise—it is our hope that they will make more informed judgments about where scientific stories should fit in their own lives and in contemporary society. Scientists can obtain inspiration for their stories in any number of ways, all of which involve considerable creativity, inspiration, or blind luck, and it isn’t always clear by reason alone which of a number of competing stories should be favored. Therefore, if they were to assume that these regularities did not operate in the same way in the past, science would have to be shut down, at least with respect to explanations involving past events. The variety of perspectives set the stage for truly inclusive storytelling. Scientists draw inferences from regularities they observe in nature. Storytelling during the steps of predictive modeling It does not provide proof. At the very end of the last session of the day, I said : The winnowing process doesn’t stop once a scientific paper is published. This is why the requirement to share data and ideas is one of the hallmarks of modern science, in contrast to many earlier systems of knowledge.26. These fantastic data storytelling examples below aren’t necessarily flashy, but their genius is in their ability to communicate rich ideas as stories in the simplest terms. And even if we could travel back into the past, we certainly could not verify that the laws of nature have always operated in the same way at every moment and in every location in the past. If this were true, Kelvin reasoned, it ought to be possible to calculate the sun’s age, based on estimates of its annual heat loss. 370, Issue 6520, eaaz3041 DOI: 10.1126/science.aaz3041 Embarking upon the unexpected journey of a year long scientific research and design (SRD) science project. If the manuscript isn’t rejected outright, the authors must address the reviewers’ concerns before it can be published. That is, if the explanation is true, then certain observations should follow.7 A good hypothesis will not only explain the observations already collected, but also predict new things that have not been observed. Consider fossils. (New York: Verso, 1993), 86–105. Find Inspiration at Creative Educator. Uri Hasson from Princeton University says, “When she spoke…[the listeners] understood her story, and their brains synchronized.When she had activity in her insula, an emotional brain region, the listeners’ did, too. Storytelling is an essential part of what makes us human. Whereas the Apollo story involves a supernatural being, Kelvin appealed only to natural causes, such as the gravitational attraction between meteors and heat generation by friction. The author addresses the double edged sword of medical research and patient harm and urges us to remember the Hippocratic Oath that focuses on patient health. Rather, the real essence of science is storytelling—creatively making up stories to explain what we observe in the natural world. Alex Rosenberg, Philosophy of Science: A Contemporary Introduction (New York: Routledge, 2000), 21. To this end, scientists accord special value to stories that are mathematically precise. -David Jakes Example Stories a. Once again, it is the kind of assumption that must be made in order for science to keep operating. . Scientists are constantly trying to improve the quality of their observations, however, because precise measurements are usually much more difficult to explain. Exploring the true nature of research through an experience with SRD (Scientific Research & Design). Perhaps there are other reasonable responses, but in a realm where absolute certainty and proof do not exist, “reasonable” is often the best we can do. They throw out their initial explanation and try to come up with another one that explains all (or at least most) of their relevant observations. Creative writing—and fictional storytelling—offer clues on how to improve our odds of science … In that case, a physician’s job was to invoke the aid of the gods (usually Asclepius, Apollo’s son) to heal the sick person. Sometimes scientists give greater credence to observations that were collected by scientists with whom they are personally familiar or who come from the same country.12 Thus, scientists should never assume that their favorite stories represent “the truth,” because one can never tell whether an even better explanation will pop up next week.

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